The Collector is a major character in DREDGE. He is found on Blackstone Isle in The Marrows and gives the character the pursuit of The Collector.


The Collector gives you the pursuit of The Collector after you deliver the handkerchief to him on Blackstone Isle.

Game Endings[]

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The player's interactions with the Collector affect the ending of the game significantly. In the default ending, once all relics have been brought to the Collector, he will tell you to bring him to a location out at sea. Here, he will throw the relics into the water to revive his lost wife, summoning an enormous creature whose summoning destroys Greater Marrow.

During gameplay, you can uncover clues about the book the Collector wields. If you discover the secrets of the book by talking to the Old Mayor and Lighthouse Keeper, a secret "good ending" can be achieved. In this ending, the Fisherman discovers that the Collector is only his reflection and after speaking to the Lighthouse Keeper he decides to throw the Book of the Deep back to the sea. If this ending is performed first, the actions of the Collector in the default ending will instead be written to sound like the Fisherman is performing them instead.